A legacy of generosity The Dahl family pays it forward

by: Patrick Marek Dec 28, 2016

One of the best definitions of true philanthropy is "planting a tree that you are never going to get to sit under." If that is the case, then the first seeds to the Dahl family's philanthropic forest were sown in Westby, Wis., back in the late 1800s, when the city's popular gathering place, the A.H. Dahl & Co. General Store, became a Ford Motor Company agent. When the Model Ts lined up in front of the store began to be purchased by scores of happy customers and were flying down the streets of Western Wisconsin, it sparked a philosophy of giving back to the community that has flourished through five generations of Dahl family automotive ownership.

"It all started with the family's general store business," said Dahl Automotive President Andrew Dahl. "Every community had a general store. That's where you would get your dry goods, tobacco, clothing and groceries. It was a place to do your shopping, but it was a lot more than that. It was also a center of community … a place where people gathered. When my forefathers began selling Model Ts out of the general store, the bond with the community became even stronger.

"We began to realize that we were an integral part of the community," Dahl continued. "When you think about it, everybody needs a car, and everybody needs to service their car. The auto dealer is an important part of automotive ownership, and the experience you have at the dealership really sets the tone for your enjoyment of owning the vehicle. Our philosophy of doing business has always been to develop our teams and facilities so that guests can have a relaxing and positive experience whether they are purchasing a vehicle, or having their vehicle serviced. We also have perpetuated a core value that started way back in the general store days. We feel that because people are trusting us with such an important purchase, and its upkeep, we have a responsibility to give back to the community.

"My brothers and I are fifth-generation, and giving back is the core value, above all else, that has been passed from generation to generation. That's just the way it is. We're Dahls. We're in the car business. Our communities have blessed us, our families, and the team members who have alongside us. We feel we have a responsibility to give back the community … but it's not just a responsibility. We take a joy in being able to pick some amazing charitable organizations, identify areas of specific needs in each community, and then try to help meet those needs with the resources we have been blessed with."

It's easy to measure the positive financial impact that the over $26 million Dahl Auto Plaza and its over 100 team members have on Winona's economy and tax rolls. However, for Winona's arts and nonprofit community, the Dahl family's contributions of time, talent and treasure have created a positive ripple effect that has helped establish Winona as a regional arts destination and a better place to live.

Family and Children's Center

"The Dahl's impact on the Family and Children's Center goes two ways," said 

Board President Laura Eddy. "They give very generously, but they have also served on our board, and been very active in our organization. The Dahl's philosophy is humility-based service. They give their time, and they give their financial support. Not only are they givers, but they also encourage their employees to get involved and give. Their annual Lube-a-Thon is a whole day where they give free oil changes, with a free-will offering being donated to the Family and Children's Center. Their entire team is there all day donating their time, and that's over 100 employees.

"The Dahls contribute to Shakespeare, Winona State, District 861, Southeast Tech … the list goes on and on," continued Eddy. "They are very approachable. They are generous. They are very kind, and they are always open to listening. They even have a board room on their new campus that the community can use to have meetings. La Crosse has been fortunate to have the Dahls all these years, and now Winona is able to feel the positive impact of the Dahl's generosity."

Winona Family YMCA

"Early in my tenure here, I had the chance to connect with Andrew Dahl to find out what he knew about the community, and about the YMCA. I asked him what he could share as a new leader coming into Winona," said Derek Madsen, executive director of the Winona Family YMCA. "He had some suggestions that really helped me come on board, but he also had some discussions with me about creating a leadership team and how to develop staff and relationships. He shared the Dahl model of how they accomplish that. When we began our capital campaign we met with the La Crosse YMCA campaign leadership, and had the opportunity to meet with Harry Dahl. Harry helped counsel our campaign leadership to ask questions like: 'How do we do this? What will it look like? What are things we need to know? How do we build relationships?  How do we ask for contributions?' Harry gave us fantastic advice. It was a perfect first step for our campaign.

"When it comes to giving, the Dahl family walks the walk and talks the talk," Madsen continued. "They have been great philanthropic supporters of the YMCA. Early in the silent phase of our campaign they gave us an extremely generous challenge grant that really jump started our campaign. It was an astounding contribution, and really helped get our campaign leadership revved up. The Dahl family contributes to the things that are important in our community, and their testament to volunteer leadership is important too. It isn't just that they give money. They also reach back to the generations of success that they have had, and help share those lessons to help us be successful leaders."

Great River Shakespeare Festival

"The Dahl family has been engaged with the Great River Shakespeare Festival for many years. They were one of the first members of our leadership circle, and they really helped set the stage, paving the way for other businesses to follow suit," said GRSF Development Director Kelly Olson. "They have been very supportive of Winona arts in general, and have really played a large part in making Winona a true arts destination."

"They are amazing," said GRSF Artistic Director Doug Scholz-Carlson. "Not only are they financially generous with the festival, but they keep on looking for ways to help us make connections in the community. They are very engaged as donors. A lot of patrons will contribute to an organization, but then they don't really get engaged with it. I see the Dahls in the theater all the time, bringing their friends and family. They are authentically engaged in GSRF in a pretty remarkable way. They are generous, just for the sake of being generous, but they also recognize that an organization like GRSF can be good for the community, and good for local businesses."

Winona State University

"The Dahl family has had a very positive impact on our football program," said WSU Athletic Director Eric Shoh. "When we first met with Andrew Dahl and told him about our corporate sponsor program, it didn't take him very much thought at all. They got involved right away. Currently they provide us with two vehicles that our coaches can drive all over the country on their recruiting trips. Not only is that a huge financial benefit for our program, but it's also a great marketing tool for us, because the vehicles are wrapped with our colors and the WSU logo. There's a lot of other ways that the Dahls contribute to our program. If we ever need anything they are just a phone call away. They are in it for the right reason. They want to help support our student athletes. They are tremendous supporters of WSU."

Mid West Music Fest

"I met with Andrew Dahl for the first time about a year ago, and since then he has become a mentor for me," said Parker Forsell, managing director of Mid West Music Fest. "He has taken me out to lunch and we have talked about running a business, and the festival. When we decided to expand to La Crosse last year, he was very energized and helpful. Andrew is a member of the Development Committee for the La Crosse portion of the festival. He knows the whole picture of where the festival is at, and has been very complimentary and generous."

The Dahl team

A key factor in the Dahl family's core value of giving back to the community is to help inspire generosity in their team. Because of events like the annual "Lube-a Thon," members of the entire Dahl organization are able to work together to help benefit a deserving nonprofit organization. It builds teamwork, and helps make the Winona community a better place to live. 

"I think that in the big picture, the community looks at Dahl Automotive as being an important charitable contributor, and one of the many ways that they help give back to the community is by doing events like our annual Lube-a-Thon," said Dahl Chevrolet Master Service Technician Nick Kamrowski. "They are raising funds for Family and Children's Center that are very needed and much appreciated. I think it's a great way to help out the community, and we as team members are happy to contribute our time to the event. I think that the Lube-a-Thon is great for the team. We get to work together and help each other out. We're also able to give back to the community and have fun at the same time."

The future

"The Dahl core value of giving back will continue into the future," maintained Andrew Dahl. "We've got the sixth generation coming up. They're pretty young yet, and who knows if they are going to want to be in the car business. However, if that's where their passion leads them, then giving back to the community will be one of the core values that will be passed on to them."

The Winona Area Chamber of Commerce awards Dahl Toyota the 2016 "Business of the Year" Award.

The Winona Area Chamber of Commerce held its 16th annual Business Celebration Awards on Tuesday, May 17, where 250 business and community leaders gathered at the Riverport Inn to celebrate the award winners.


Dahl Toyota moves to new expanded location.

When Dahl Toyota opens the doors to its newly remodeled dealership on Monday, January 10, it will have moved just a short distance east on the Dahl Automotive campus on Highway 61. However, the new Toyota facility will have traveled light years ahead when it comes to state-of-the-art guest amenities, service technology, and enhanced automotive purchasing experiences.

"We're excited about the move for a number of reasons," said Andrew Dahl, president of Dahl Automotive. "There was a lot of thought and attention to detail put into the decision. The opportunity to provide our guests the best possible buying and servicing experience is the most important reason for building our new location. We had also exceeded our capacity at the old location, due in part to record sales and high demand for new and certified used Toyota vehicles."

The new, 22,000 square-foot location will incorporate Toyota's "Image 2" design. The new design works to enhance the car-buying experience by promoting efficiency and comfort when purchasing vehicles. Construction began in summer 2015, with Wieser Brothers as lead contractor and numerous local Winona subcontractors. Guests will immediately notice a lot of exciting changes with the new facility, along with some favorites that have become trademarks of the Dahl Automotive experience.

"This gave us the perfect opportunity to improve our guest amenities," Dahl explained. "We had heard from a lot of our guests that there was a need for more comfortable waiting room space. We actually tripled the size of our guest lounge and have made it much more comfortable and convenient, with oversized chairs, a large-screen television, and a guest computer center equipped with Apple iMacs. We also are continuing our tradition of having complimentary sodas, coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, and also, what has become kind of a signature for us … a popcorn machine.

"We have a defined children's area with a coloring table, a low table with some kid-sized chairs, a television with children's programming on, and we have also introduced an iPad bar where the kids can play games and have some entertainment while they are waiting for their parent's car to be serviced or to take delivery on their newly purchased vehicle."

The showroom features an open salesroom concept designed with individual pods so guests can communicate with sales associates more comfortably. After selecting a vehicle to purchase, guests will visit an indoor, temperature-controlled vehicle delivery bay where various options and features of their new vehicle will be described and demonstrated in detail.

Local nonprofit organizations will also benefit from the Dahl Toyota expansion.

 "We have an expanded conference room that is going to be available for community groups to use," Dahl said. "The space can be used by local nonprofit groups for their meetings. We have two large screens and a removable wall that separates our break room from the common area. That wall can be opened up, so they can have a small kitchen area. We are very excited, not only about using the space for our own internal meetings, but to be able to offer this opportunity to the community."

New service features include an expanded vehicle drive-in service equipped with an alignment sensor, high-speed doors, and a walk-up service desk. New high-speed tech lifts that operate 10 times faster than the ones currently being used were installed to ensure that guests experience shorter wait times.

"Everything about this new dealership is focused to benefit our guests and our team," Dahl said. "Every single vehicle that comes through our service drive lane will get a complimentary alignment check. Our job is to be consultants for our guests, and alignment is one of the things that can cause safety issues and excessive tire wear. Everything from the ground up design of this building is based on having a comfortable and safe working environment for our team. We want to make sure that we have a state-of-the-art facility with top-of-the-line equipment. We are proud to be in Winona and excited to expand and improve within the community. We made great strides in the old location. We were awarded 'Best Place to Work' by the Winona Chamber of Commerce, were the area's only recipient of the 'Toyota President's Award' for outstanding service, sales and guest satisfaction. We look forward to offering our guests so much more in the new location."

2014 President's Award Winner!

Each year, Toyota Motor Sales recognizes its stellar dealerships with the prestigious President's Award. It is the highest honor a dealership can receive from Toyota, and is only awarded to those dealerships who have demonstrated a commitment to maintaining Toyota's high standards for customer satisfaction.

"One of Toyota's primary goals is to emphasize the entire ownership experience. We want to help ensure that our customers are satisfied not only at the time of purchase, but as long as they own their vehicle. Offering top quality cars and trucks is, of course, the first step - but only the beginning. Toyota dealerships strive to match the quality of our products with the finest service in the industry". In order to qualify as a President's Award winner, dealerships must excel in each of a series of categories, including Customer Sales Satisfaction and Customer Service Satisfaction. Dealerships which meet the requirements in all categories receive name badge recognition at all dealer events, national recognition in an Automotive News advertisement and, of course, the beautiful President's Award Tiffany crystal trophy.

Today the Toyota Regional office presented Dahl Toyota with the Service Excellence Award! This award reflects Dahl Toyota's strong commitment to guest service, training regularly and sales /service growth! Congratulations to EVERYONE on our service team! 

Ken Koeller as (Kevin) Bacon

Dan Buhr - (Sales) Shark

Jerica Kamin - Mary Poppins - Contest Winner

Susan Anderson Hoghaug - Inmate

"Best Place to Work" Award by the Winona Chamber of Commerce

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